Monday, July 27, 2015

Just for Kicks

The sneaker has greatly evolved since its start as a functional fitness shoe in the mid-nineteenth century. The Brooklyn Museum’s exhibit “The Rise of Sneaker Culture” takes visitors on a journey of athletic footwear, featuring film clips, photography, designs, and 150 pairs of sneakers from the top names in the business. Adidas, Air Jordans, Converse, Nike, and Reebok’s “Pump” Sneakers are just some of the brands recognized as favorites of the 1980s. During this time, sneakers served as a symbol of image and status and played a big role in expanding men’s fashion in particular. The exhibit shows how sneaker culture was a movement that emerged quietly in the streets, on the basketball courts, and with music. The group “Run-D.M.C.” was integral in linking sneaker culture and the hip-hop scene, with not only the classic song “My Adidas” but also for the breakthrough collaboration with the Adidas athletic apparel brand. This paved the way for future collaborations among musicians and brands, and it wasn’t long before top fashion designers started creating their own designs. Gucci was one of the first to produce a luxury tennis shoe, reinventing the sneaker yet again. Chanel and Reebok joined forces in 1997 to create the highly desirable product “Insta Pump Fury,” and in the 2000s, other designers like Louis Vuitton, Rick Owens, and Christian Louboutin added their innovative looks to the market. Advancements in technology and design of athletic footwear are continually being refined to maximize comfort and function, but, of course, we can’t forget about the need for style!

Come visit the Adrian G. Marcuse Library to discover these books on sneaker culture:

by Sneaker Freaker (Magazine)

[Call number: 397.41 SNE]

by Intercity Design
[Call number: 685.31 INT]

by Manami Okazaki
[Call number: 391.413 OKA]

by Jemayne L. King
[Call number: 397.41 KIN]

by Tom Vanderbilt
[Call number: 685.31 VAN]

For more information on “The Rise of Sneaker Culture” exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, visit:

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Registration is Open: Fashion: Now & Then: Passé, Presente, 未来

Fashion: Now & Then: Passé, Presente, 未来
Thursday, October 22, 2015 to Saturday, October 24, 2015
LIM College, New York City, NY, U.S.A.

Registration is open! Complete registration on Eventville.

Conference Rates
Full Conference Attendance*$175
Full Conference Attendance (Presenters)*$125
Full Conference Attendance (Students witd Valid ID)*$100
Conference Support (Code Needed to Complete Registration)$0
Conference Rates for LIM College Students, Faculty & Staff
Full Conference Attendance*$40
Friday ONLY Conference (10/23)$25
Saturday ONLY Conference (10/24)$25
Thursday Evening Opening Reception (10/22)$20
Conference Support (Code Needed to Complete Registration)$0

A limited number of scholarships are available to help offset conference fees. Contact Nicole LaMoreaux ( for more information.

*Museum Tours and Panel are an optional choice for Full Conference Attendees to attend on Saturday afternoon. 
More information on the exhibitions:  
Museum Tour: Cooper Hewitt Museum – Making Design – (guided tour) 
Museum Tour: Museum of Modern Art – Picasso Sculpture – (guided tour) 
Museum Tour: Museum at FIT - Global Fashion Capitals & Fashion Underground: The World of Susanne Bartsch (two exhibitions) – (unguided) 
Panel: Archiving Fashion (Sponsored by the Archivist Round Table-NY & the Adrian G. Marcuse Library)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Instagram & Fashion: The #MillennialSeason

Photography and visual arts has been and will always be one of the simplest forms of communication and connectivity to other people, groups, and cultures. From film to fine art, artists have used their abilities to convey ideas to large audiences that may not have been portrayed otherwise. For millenials like ourselves, social media has been at the forefront of expressing and sharing personal lifestyles with each other. No longer is a camera strapped around the neck necessary in order to take high quality photos when iPhones and Androids are taking the reign. For celebrities and civilians alike, Instagram has been the communal app for expressing new ideas and keeping everyone updated on what’s happening now.

In addition to celebrities, fashion designers have also taken storm on this new app and have created a storyboard of what goes into making fashion shows and branding happen. Instagram has allowed brands such as Balmain, Rebecca Minkoff, and Marchesa to build personal connections with consumers that would otherwise be a bit more difficult to achieve. Target markets are expanding as more people have access to what’s trending. Fashion designer labels are even trying to incorporate user input as part of their brand experience, as did Rebecca Minkoff when they asked followers to vote what look should be featured in the New York S/S 2015 fashion show.

LIM College’s newest addition, Designers on Instagram: #Fashion compiles posts from different designers across Instagram into categories such as #Inspiration and #Selfies to give readers insight as how fashion in social media is as relevant and trending as can be to everyday users like ourselves. This book can be located in the Adrian G. Marcuse Library with the call number 746.92092 CFD. Enjoy the rest of your summer and happy reading!

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Are Beards Over?

Are beards over?  This month, social media and lifestyle websites* are buzzing that the beard is done.  Here’s a little round-up resources available at the Adrian G. Marcuse Library to help you learn about the history, cultural and critical analysis of the beard.  Perhaps the key to the beards future is its past.

Using art and photographs from the National Portrait Gallery in London, this fascinating books takes you on a history of facial hair. 

This book of essays provides critical theory and cultural commentary on the experience, importance and dynamic role of hair manipulation on our bodies and heads. 


Beards and Mustaches in Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion - available via Gale Virtual Reference Library.
Hair in Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion: Volume 10 – Global Perspectives - available via Berg Fashion Library.

* Del Russo, M. (2015, June 11). The Internet Says Beards Are Out — & Hearts Break Everywhere.  Refinery29. Retrieved from

* Yi, D. (2015, June 10).  Sorry guys, beards are over. Mashable. Retrieved from

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LIM College & Adrian G. Marcuse Library will be closed July 1-3, 2015

LIM College and the Adrian G. Marcuse Library will be closed Wednesday, July 1 - Friday, July 3 in honor of Independence Day. We will re-open Monday, July 6 at 9am. 

The Library's Ask-a-Librarian service will not be available Wednesday, July 1 and Thursday, July 2. It will start back up on Monday, July 6 at 12noon.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Typography & Design @ The Adrian G. Marcuse Library

This small selection of materials on typography and graphic design may open your eyes to the nuances of the designed world. 

An entertaining read, Simon Garfield takes you on a tour of fonts.  Divulging what makes a font good, what makes it bad, why we have so many and what makes a font look and feel a certain way.  Includes stories and brief histories of iconic fonts, the people who designed them and what purpose they served at the time.   “The Worst Fonts in the World” is an amusing chapter explaining why certain fonts are reviled and how they got to that point. 

Used on storefronts, street signs, packaging, government forms, and advertisements, this documentary will highlight the history and the continuing impact of the font Helvetica.

Showcasing seventy years of Penguin book cover designs.  This book vividly and richly illustrates how Penguin established a distinctive identity while observing and influencing graphic design.

Other titles

by Wilson Harvey/Loewy
686.22 WIL

By James Craig
686.22 CRA

By Ellen Lupton
686.22 LUP

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Monday, June 15, 2015

LGBTQ Pride Month

If you are around campus this summer, come check out the Library’s new book display on LGBTQ pride history month. If you are not already aware, June is national pride month. The library decided to honor this event with a display featuring books, DVDs and journals about LGBTQ rights, struggles and history. It is important to educate ourselves on this topic, even if you are not a member of the LGBTQ community, as it is very relevant.

Vanity Fair’s June 9th issue introduces Caitlyn Jenner to the world. Formerly known as Bruce, Caitlyn is a transgender female who is looking to educate the world on issues that transgender people face. The issue features a 22 page cover story on Caitlyn’s scary decision to present herself to the world. Fortunately, she has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback including support from her family members, the Kardashians.

While our society is becoming more accepting of LGBTQ people, there is still a lot of phobias and issues surrounding this topic. It is important to become educated so that the world can become a more accepting place. Please stop by the library to check out a book, DVD or journal about LGBTQ issues. You may learn a thing or two and see that you are able to help someone who is struggling with feeling accepted.

Additionally, New York City will be hosting events from June 23-28 surrounding LGBTQ pride. If you are in the city during that time, consider checking out an event. To learn more about the events or how you can get involved, please click on this link:  

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