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Some Black & White Photographs in the LIM College Archives

View an album of ten selected black and white photographs from the LIM College Archives on Flickr.

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World AIDS Day #turnred

December 1, 2010 is World AIDS Day

Cover of LIMLIGHT, LIM College yearbook from 1958.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Now & Then: 1896 Shopping Mob Scene in Manhattan

This image is of the crowd outside the opening of the Siegel-Cooper store in Manhattan on September 13, 1896  (Marcuse 288-289.)  View location information here on Google Maps.

This store opening would rival any Black Friday doorbuster today.  According to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle,

"The formal opening of the Siegel-Cooper company store at Sixth avenue and Nineteenth street, New York, took place this morning, and because the doors were not opened until 9 o'clock there was a jam of several thousand persons in front of the place who were squeezed in a manner which they never experienced before" (Jam 4.)
The article is titled "Jam at Siegel-Cooper's: Caused by a Reported Sale of Cheap Bicycles: Traffic Bocked on Sixth Avenue and the Police Reserves from the Tenderloin Precinct Called Out" and goes on to say,

"The jam was so fast that the captain himself and Policeman O'Malley and McKenna of the City Hall station were wedged in so between the crowd and the building that the captain nearly had his arm broken and McKenna was taken to the hospital with a rib crushed in. O'Malley had his foot badly crushed" (Jam 4.)
The mob scene or "jam" was apparently caused by a false rumor that bicycles would be sold for "pin-money".  Pin money is defined in the 1896 edition of Webster's Dictionary as "an allowance of money, as that made by a husband to his wife, for personal and private expenditures" (Pin money 618.)

Maxwell F. Marcuse, the founder of LIM College, wrote about Siegel-Cooper in his book entitled This Was New York.  He says,
"Siegel-Cooper opened on Sunday, September 13, 1896.  The impressive, block-long six-story building with its imposing tower, extended on the east side of Sixth Avenue from 18th to 19th Streets for a total frontage of 187 feet, and reached from Sixth Avenue toward Fifth Avenue for a distance of 485 feet."..."The main entrance was, of course, on Sixth Avenue and was situated at the midway point between 18th and 19th Streets" (Marcuse 287.)
This Was New York,  is available in the LIM College Library (search in LIMCat on the LIM College Intranet) and the LIM College Archives in LibraryThing.  Outside of LIM College, the book can be found at a library by searching Worldcat. An album of of the pages about Siegel-Cooper are located on Flickr.


"Jam at Siegel-Cooper's." Brooklyn Daily Eagle. 13 Sept. 1896. Brooklyn Daily News Online Archive. Web. 29 Nov. 2010.

"Pin money" Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. Springfield, Mass.: G&C Merriam & Co., 1896. Google Books. Web. 29 Nov. 2010.

Marcuse, Maxwell F. This Was New York.  New York: Carlton Press, 1965. Print.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Let's Talk Turkey

"Let's Talk Turkey", originally uploaded by limcollegearchive.

"Dear Hortense, It's almost time for gobblers to start in feeling blue
Thanksgiving is upon us so Let's Talk Turkey too!!" ~ Pretense

The gossip column of this issue of LIM LIGHT took on the theme of Thanksgiving with this introduction and headings that included "Stuffing", "Trimmings", "Sauce and Spice", and of course, "Turkey."  The column included tantalizing tidbits like, "It is rumored that the McAlpin girls are searching the city for binoculars--it seem they are doing some research work on neighboring apartments."

Talking turkey defined by is "to speak frankly or bluntly." --a perfectly appropriate introduction to this November 18, 1947 issue of LIM LIGHT, the student publication of LIM College.

The author is anonymous, but being a fashion school, the closing ended with a cosmetic reference:

"Well, Hortense, 'tis the end now. See you next issue. Love and Lipstick, Pretense."

Enjoy the holidays!

LIM College Archive, LIM College Records, Box 47, Folder 1
"Let's Talk Turkey." LIM LIGHT. November 18, 1947: 6-7.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Presenting the Past!

Maxwell F. Marcuse Lecture Series

On October 27, 2010, LIM College launched the Maxwell F. Marcuse Lecture Series. The lecture series is named after Maxwell F. Marcuse, the founder of LIM College. The program consisted of a reception, exhibition of some of the items from the LIM College Archives, and the following presentations:

Elizabeth S. Marcuse
President, LIM College

Tribute to Maxwell F. Marcuse
Adrian G. Marcuse
President Emeritus, LIM College

A History of the LIM College Archives
George Sanchez
Director of the Adrian G. Marcuse Library

Introduction of the Maxwell F. Marcuse Lecture Series
Jacqueline LeBlanc, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Presentation - Cultural Diffusion and the Navajo Weavers
Derek Cockle
Clinical Assistant Professor, Fashion Merchandising

Jacqueline LeBlanc, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, and George Sanchez, Director of Library Services, asked me to begin researching the history of Maxwell F. Marcuse for the Maxwell F. Marcuse Lecture Series. This research process included using both primary and secondary sources. Fortunately, I had access to some wonderful primary resource materials. The cornerstone of the Maxwell F. Marcuse Collection in the LIM College Archives is Mr. Marcuse's scrapbook.  The scrapbook contains wealth of primary source material including letters, receipts, programs, photos, and other documents and ephemera. The LIM College Records also provides excellent information about some of the day to day activities of the college and Mr. Marcuse.

I began my research by extracting dates and events from these two collections and began a timeline. I then went to newspaper databases like the New York Times and pulled articles mentioning Maxwell F. Marcuse. I added these articles to the timeline and included the sources and a citations. After preparing my draft time line, I met with Adrian G. Marcuse three times for interviews. As Maxwell F. Marcuse's son and the second President of LIM College, Adrian G. Marcuse provided wonderful information that not only augmented the earlier research, but also raised additional questions. I continued to revisit some of the original sources and also searched databases like to fill in some of the gaps.

The project to prepare for the launch of the Maxwell F. Marcuse Lecture Series ended; however, research about Maxwell F. Marcuse and LIM College continues. Every answer leads to more questions.

Additional pictures from the LIM College Archives display at the Maxwell F. Marcuse Lecture Series are on Flickr.

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LIM College Archives Assigns the CC by-NC-ND Attribution to a Selection of Photos on Flickr

The images with the cc by-nc-nd designation are grouped in a collection on the LIM College Archives Flickr page at LIM College Archives CC by-NC-ND Collection on Flickr

For images in this collection, attribute the image to LIM College Archives and provide a link back to the college website

The collection is not static. We will continue to add images to the collection. Check back often for new fashion images.

These digitized images were created by LIM College and have been assigned the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives--cc by-nc-nd. A copy of the license and details of the use of these images is located here

Mosaic of Images from CC by-NC-ND LIM College Archives Flickr Collection

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It is New York Archives Week! Oct. 10-16

LIM LIGHT, June 1950, originally uploaded by limcollegearchive.

The image is of a cover of the June 1950, Graduation Issue of the LIM College student publication, LIM LIGHT. This issue is located in the LIM College Archives.

The LIM College Archives will formally launch the week of October 24, 2010. The first lecture of a series honoring the founder of the school, Maxwell F. Marcuse, will be held on October 27, 2010. A display of items from the LIM College Archives, including the three books authored by Maxwell F. Marcuse, will be exhibited.

New York Archives Week is October 10-16, 2010. The Archivists Roundtable of Metropolitan New York has compiled lists and organized events around New York City NYARC--New York Archives Week 2010

LIM LIGHT, June 1950

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Always a Surprise in the Archives!

Today an LIM College staff member brought me four boxes he found while cleaning out a room. "Would these go to the archive?" I looked inside the boxes and they were full of photographs and slides. Yes!

The LIM College Archives acquires materials through transfer, purchase, and donation. However, most of the institutional archives are obtained when someone is cleaning out an office or drawer or room and makes a call to or stops by the archive.

This photo of Ann Spinney, Dean of LIM College in 1948 is one of the gems in the boxes of photos. The photo is annotated on the back. I confirmed her name and position in the 1948 LIM College catalog (known at that time as the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising.) These images are located in the Ann Spinney Flickr folder. I also confirmed her name in the LIM College Records Finding Aid located on the Archives page of the LIM College website.

The rest of the hundreds of photos will need to be processed, but I had to share at least one of them today.

Photo: Ann Spinney, Dean, LIM College, 1948

Monday, October 4, 2010

Glamour in the Galaxy, 1960

Glamour in the Galaxy was the theme of the LIM College fashion show on May 10, 1960 at the Waldorf-Astoria. This is the cover of the program for the event.

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limarchive Twitter Friends Network 2010.10.01

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This was inspired by a Library of Congress blog post limarchive follows libraryofcongress on Twitter.

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Fashionarama, June 1953

Fashionarama, June 1953, originally uploaded by limcollegearchive.

Each year students at LIM College create a fashion show. In 1953 the theme of the show was Fashionarama. This photo accompanied an article written by the student Ruth E. Steinlauf entitled "Our Fashion Show: Fashionarama." The article begins,

"If you happened to wander onto the fifth floor at 45 West 34th Street after we had all returned from our Easter work projects, you would have been amazed at all the flurry of activity that had enveloped our newly decorated quarters. This mass of activity was not launched due to any economic or political crisis, but due to the fact we were going to put on a fashion show."

The photo is located in the student publication, LIM LIGHT, Graduation Issue, June 1953, p. 17-18. This issue of LIM LIGHT is located Box 47, Folder 12 in the LIM College Archives.

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