Monday, November 22, 2010

Let's Talk Turkey

"Let's Talk Turkey", originally uploaded by limcollegearchive.

"Dear Hortense, It's almost time for gobblers to start in feeling blue
Thanksgiving is upon us so Let's Talk Turkey too!!" ~ Pretense

The gossip column of this issue of LIM LIGHT took on the theme of Thanksgiving with this introduction and headings that included "Stuffing", "Trimmings", "Sauce and Spice", and of course, "Turkey."  The column included tantalizing tidbits like, "It is rumored that the McAlpin girls are searching the city for binoculars--it seem they are doing some research work on neighboring apartments."

Talking turkey defined by is "to speak frankly or bluntly." --a perfectly appropriate introduction to this November 18, 1947 issue of LIM LIGHT, the student publication of LIM College.

The author is anonymous, but being a fashion school, the closing ended with a cosmetic reference:

"Well, Hortense, 'tis the end now. See you next issue. Love and Lipstick, Pretense."

Enjoy the holidays!

LIM College Archive, LIM College Records, Box 47, Folder 1
"Let's Talk Turkey." LIM LIGHT. November 18, 1947: 6-7.