Friday, October 1, 2010

limarchive Twitter Friends Network 2010.10.01

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The photo is a screenshot of one iteration of the limarchive Twitter Friends Network taken on 2010.10.01. The application is created by Neuro Productions. Enter in your twitter name and see a visualization of your network. The application is here:

This was inspired by a Library of Congress blog post limarchive follows libraryofcongress on Twitter.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Fashionarama, June 1953

Fashionarama, June 1953, originally uploaded by limcollegearchive.

Each year students at LIM College create a fashion show. In 1953 the theme of the show was Fashionarama. This photo accompanied an article written by the student Ruth E. Steinlauf entitled "Our Fashion Show: Fashionarama." The article begins,

"If you happened to wander onto the fifth floor at 45 West 34th Street after we had all returned from our Easter work projects, you would have been amazed at all the flurry of activity that had enveloped our newly decorated quarters. This mass of activity was not launched due to any economic or political crisis, but due to the fact we were going to put on a fashion show."

The photo is located in the student publication, LIM LIGHT, Graduation Issue, June 1953, p. 17-18. This issue of LIM LIGHT is located Box 47, Folder 12 in the LIM College Archives.