Monday, November 15, 2010

Presenting the Past!

Maxwell F. Marcuse Lecture Series

On October 27, 2010, LIM College launched the Maxwell F. Marcuse Lecture Series. The lecture series is named after Maxwell F. Marcuse, the founder of LIM College. The program consisted of a reception, exhibition of some of the items from the LIM College Archives, and the following presentations:

Elizabeth S. Marcuse
President, LIM College

Tribute to Maxwell F. Marcuse
Adrian G. Marcuse
President Emeritus, LIM College

A History of the LIM College Archives
George Sanchez
Director of the Adrian G. Marcuse Library

Introduction of the Maxwell F. Marcuse Lecture Series
Jacqueline LeBlanc, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Presentation - Cultural Diffusion and the Navajo Weavers
Derek Cockle
Clinical Assistant Professor, Fashion Merchandising

Jacqueline LeBlanc, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, and George Sanchez, Director of Library Services, asked me to begin researching the history of Maxwell F. Marcuse for the Maxwell F. Marcuse Lecture Series. This research process included using both primary and secondary sources. Fortunately, I had access to some wonderful primary resource materials. The cornerstone of the Maxwell F. Marcuse Collection in the LIM College Archives is Mr. Marcuse's scrapbook.  The scrapbook contains wealth of primary source material including letters, receipts, programs, photos, and other documents and ephemera. The LIM College Records also provides excellent information about some of the day to day activities of the college and Mr. Marcuse.

I began my research by extracting dates and events from these two collections and began a timeline. I then went to newspaper databases like the New York Times and pulled articles mentioning Maxwell F. Marcuse. I added these articles to the timeline and included the sources and a citations. After preparing my draft time line, I met with Adrian G. Marcuse three times for interviews. As Maxwell F. Marcuse's son and the second President of LIM College, Adrian G. Marcuse provided wonderful information that not only augmented the earlier research, but also raised additional questions. I continued to revisit some of the original sources and also searched databases like to fill in some of the gaps.

The project to prepare for the launch of the Maxwell F. Marcuse Lecture Series ended; however, research about Maxwell F. Marcuse and LIM College continues. Every answer leads to more questions.

Additional pictures from the LIM College Archives display at the Maxwell F. Marcuse Lecture Series are on Flickr.