Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What To Do Over Winter Break…Nail Art!

Final projects and exams have come to a close. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy yourselves. Well the library has just what you need, nail art books. We have over 150 nail art designs with the titles that we have in the library. Stop by today before heading off for home to check out these titles:

The Wah Nails Book of Nail Art by Sharmadean Reid

Reid shares 25 of her most in-demand nail art designs in The Wah Nails Book of Nail Art. It can be found in the library under the call number 646.727 REI

In her second book, Reid provides you with 25 new DIY nail designs as well as beauty tips and tips to start your own blog. It can be found in the library under the call number 646.727 REI

Rodgers has put together 75 easy and unique nail art designs for you to test out for one of a kind nails. It can be found in the library under the call number 646.727 ROD

Nail Candy: 50+ Ideas for Totally Cool Nails by Donne & Ginny Geer

This DIY nail art duo have published 50+ nail art ideas that range from ‘tiny tuxes’ to ‘Cleopatra’ nails. It can be found in the library under the call number 646.727 GEE

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Books You May Not Think We (Adrian G. Marcuse Library) Have!

After discovering the library at Maxwell Hall, I decided immediately that I wanted to be part of this great little world. I know many of you just come by once in a while to ask if we have a textbook for class (to study for finals or to finish up project), some I must mention come by to check out our amazing periodicals collection (keep coming!), and some don’t really know about the library. There is something you all may not know… The Adrian G. Marcuse Library has a lot more to offer than fashion and academic books (If you are still not sure check out our growing fiction section).

Below I have picked a few of my favorite books which I discovered at the library– I must admit I have a couple of these at home, but soon they will be back, so come and grab them! 

1. American Nerd is a funny, delightful, fast read. From the origin of the work “NURD” to SNL iconic nerd characters, the author captures all meanings and fashions of this “culture.”

2. EVERYONE must at least take a peak at this book. This compilation of interviews made a book is beautifully designed. In it, the author Matt Zoller catches all the magic Anderson’s world has. The interviews expose a simple and honest Anderson and tell a long about the ‘behind the scenes’ including all inspirations not only to films but characters. The book is organized chronologically guiding the readers through it in the order Anderson released his films. Oh yeah…it also includes many of Eric Anderson’s illustrations too!

3. Get started and read a brief summary and get to know the “zine” power and the phenomenon their comeback caused in the 90’s – then gather papers, scissors and friends and start making one.

4. JUST MY TYPE – a brief overview of all the most well-known and popular typefaces around. This book is an easy read – each chapter is divided by typeface, the most amazing part: It has a 10 top ranking of the worst typefaces around. Read this is you are into Future, Helvetica and all the Gills.

5. I keep this book on my night table (there is a copy available at the library, I eventually just had to buy my own.) This book is great for quick references, has a million facts and an empowering message (although at parts you may find it frustrating). This book captures a take/ a specific point of view (or a few) on Riot GRRRL, and focuses in the music scene related to it. 

6. If you like Vonnegut and you have not read this book, I highly recommend it! It will take you about two days or so to finish it and will make for a great read on the train, bus or in your bed while having peppermint tea with almond milk.

With the said, please come by and explore all of our shelves! You never know what you may find. I can assure you we have tons of hidden GEMS. 

Posted on December 17, 2013 I Blog post by Ana Seguin (student worker of  the LIM College Library)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Overlooked Oversized Books

Spending much of my time in the library has helped me come across many hidden gems... I’ve gotten lost in the aisles looking at what seems like infinite number of books, ranging from memoirs by Andre Leon Talley to Indonesian Textiles. But in a somewhat hidden section, and a not so hidden section right behind the main desk, lies a large collection of oversized books.  

 The oversized books are a dream come true. Imagine every “over priced coffee table book” you have ever wanted all in one place, that’s what you will find hidden in the right corner of the library. This section helped pass time when I wasn’t busy getting work done and had hours in between classes.  You can find books about designers like Prada and Dries Van Noten filled with beautiful pictures of every item they have ever created. I promise this is much better than simply going to and looking through their pictures.

The only time I ever see oversized books get touched is when students have a project and the librarians pick them out for them, but a lot of times these books get looked through then put away. Maybe some think they are solely for reference, or maybe some don’t know they exist, but it is probably because they are so big! The idea of lugging an extremely large and heavy book around all day just seems unfavorable and it’s easier to just copy the pages, but you’ll be surprised by your reaction to such an incredible selection of books. 

Posted on December 09, 2013 I Blog post by Kiara Cooper (student worker of the LIM College Library)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Business Plans 101

With the spring semester around the corner, the Adrian G. Marcuse Library is prepared to assist you with your upcoming capstone and graduate projects. The library has a wide range of business 101 titles to assist you with every step of your business plans and projects.

This month’s dedicated display is all about how to start your own business. While many people might just assume that they are fashion based, we have a wide range of titles ranging in topic from special event planning to costume design.

by Yuli Ziv 
646.34 ZIV 

Fashion 2.0: Blogging Your Way to the Front Row will provide you an inside look on how to become a successful blogger. Ms. Ziv gives advice on how to brand yourself as a top blogger, build relationships with top companies, gain invitations to top industry events, work with advertisers and gain revenue through partnerships. The book is complete with exercises, resources and inspiration.

by Michael Londrigan 
381.4568 LON 

Menswear: Business to Style is the go-to book for the menswear industry. Mr. Londrigan covers a wide variety of topics ranging from the history of menswear to design and merchandising. The title also discusses the techniques and procedures that merchandisers use to attract their target customers.

by Clara Villarosa 
658.11 VIL 

Down to Business: The First 10 Steps to Entrepreneurship for Women was written by a successful female entrepreneur who wanted to share her knowledge of how to run a prosperous small business. She discusses how to come up with realistic business ideas, research the competitive market, determine how to attract your ideal customer, find the best location for your store as well as how to create a sound business plan.

by Judy Allen 
394.2068 ALL 

The Business of Event Planning: Behind the Scenes Secrets of Successful Special Events provides you with the ins and outs of creating and running a successful event planning business. This book allows you to discover how to prepare proposals as well as understand them if you are the client, how to determine fees and negotiate contracts, and how to design events for a variety of settings. You will also gain practical information such as sample letters of agreements and layouts. The book also comes with a website link to provide additional helpful materials.

by Rosemary Ingham 
792 ING 

The Costume Designer’s Handbook: A Complete Guide for Amateur and Professional Costume Designers is considered the bible to any costume designer. The book provides an in-depth look at the business of costume design. It is noted as an invaluable reference book for both aspiring costume designers and accomplished professionals.

Posted on December 4, 2013 I Blog post by Nicole LaMoreaux, M.L.S. (Daytime Librarian)  

Monday, December 2, 2013

Japanese Fashion: Beauty Worth Discovering

In the eyes of some, fashion is surrounded by the concepts of personal style, brand prestige, popularity and price. Although many of us would like to believe that our “love” for Christian Louboutin pumps is within our own fashion taste, it is known that many who purchase footwear from this designer are doing so because they saw it on the red carpet, or because the signature red sole is extremely well known. However, in the eyes of others, fashion is a creation of a very unique genre of art. Through color use, material selection and even specific draping and cut, fashion designers of any status can express themselves and their appreciation for artistic integrity through their wearable creations. It is inspiring to see the difference between a designer who is striving to stay “on trend” and presents consumers with pieces that they are comfortable with and likely to buy as compared to a designer that is creating a performance, a presentation of aesthetics, a language and a culture through their pieces.
If you are looking to be truly inspired and visually pleased by fashion, look no further than the Japanese fashion market. With amazing combinations of classic cultural staples and materials and new-age (and even sometimes futuristic) shapes and fits, Japanese fashion has excelled far beyond what the majority of the fashion world represents today. Japenese culture, as a whole, has been known to focus more on aesthetics than what is thought of to be “style” throughout all mediums of art – painting, dance, architecture, and of course, fashion. Japanese fashion designers, such as the well-known and praised Yohji Yamamoto, Kenzo Takado and Sacai, see their creations as an expression of color, light, movement, nature and true beauty. Some of the most beautiful pieces that can be seen on the runway today or even in fashion museum archives have been created by Japanese designers and have influenced numerous famous designers across the globe (check out 2013 lines released by Prada and Jean Pierre Braganza). If you flip through the latest copy of Japanese Vogue, you will not be able to ignore the accentuated use of color, pattern and even drawn language that is present through each and every design and advertisement.

To view some amazingly beautiful, unique and aesthetically pleasing Japanese fashion designs, look no further than the LIM College library, where you can find a large array of resources of Japanese fashion!

746.92 KAW

Posted on December 02, 2013 I Blog post by Anne St. Hilaire (student worker of the LIM College Library)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Fast Company: A Publication Focused on Our Changing Business World

Fast Company
A publication focused on our changing business world

The Adrian G. Marcuse Library has about 185 different periodical subscriptions ranging from the likes of Vogue Korea to National Geographic. One of the most unique and innovative publications we subscribe to is Fast Company, the magazine dedicated to providing readers with content based on how businesses are changing our world. 

Most business publications reflect the same serious attitude that the business world is known to demonstrate. Although Fast Company’s content is just as credible as any other business periodical, its creative layout and features on the most groundbreaking business practices and companies is what sets the magazine apart. In the most recent issue, companies such as Facebook, Kickstarter, Spotify and Twitter were all mentioned. Why? Because all of these companies have disrupted the business world with their advanced business models and that’s what Fast Company is all about. 

Can’t get enough of Fast Company? The periodical has a top-notch online presence which has categories Co.Design, Co.Exist, Co.Create, and Co.Labs, each featuring the daily news of topics ranging from architecture to fashion to technology. The magazine knows that advanced business concepts are surfacing on a daily basis and using the online platform is just the way to provide readers with the most recent innovations.

Fast Company has continuously featured the fashion industry in its magazine and online platform due to the fashion business’ great strides in reinventing the industry. Just ask our good friend Jenna Lyons. In a world that will be forever changing, Fast Company is a magazine dedicated to providing consumers with direct content on not only how ingenious ideas are affecting the business world, but how these ideas are creating a global revolution as well. Watch out world, there are some pretty sweet businesses coming for ya.  

Posted on November 25, 2013 I Blog post by Caitlin Lyttle (student worker for the LIM College Library)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Okay, So Term Projects are Among Us...

Okay, so term projects are among us, finals are around the corner, and you’re having trouble managing your time. You should be working on a paper, but somehow you keep that Buzzfeed tab open on your browser. You know you can’t cite those never ending listicles that are so relevant to your college life (#howdotheyknow?!). However, you have the will power to close that window and get your life together. Head on down to the library and check out these very helpful, super un-cheesy, get-it-together, self-help books. 

This handbook on time management shows stick figure illustrations and uses a comic strip style to make it a fun, easy, and relatable read. It features easy tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your 24 hours. So if ever you feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day, The Skinny on Time Management will teach you how to utilize the hours you DO have.

Generation WTF; 646.700842 WHE

Generation WTF is probably one of the most helpful books to own as a college student. The author Christine Whelan has been studying self-help books for years and took elements of each best-selling book and tweaked it for the millennial reader. Generation WTF is jammed packed with tips, worksheets, graphs, and even has an online support system. There is feedback from actual students who have used some of these tips in real life situations. Definitely a must have for your bookshelf even if it’s just for a month.  

So conquer those papers, attack those inspiration boards, go hard on those PowerPoint presentations, and work ahead of time on those group projects! Hang in there! You got this! You’re gonna be okay! Don’t forget to set appointments with librarians if you’re having trouble with research topics or just need assistance with databases and citations. They’re here to help and they’re happy to help! 

Posted on November 18, 2013 I Blog post by Getteline Rene (student worker of the LIM College Library)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Tell Me About Yourself: The Ins and Outs of Memoirs

According to Google a memoir is defined as a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge or special sources. According to me and many others I’ve spoken to, a memoir is an outlet to tell anyone, who is willing to read it, what you’ve been through.  The key to a successful memoir is one that evokes emotion. Whether that emotion is happiness, sadness, grief, or a hysterical fit of laughter, the reader is able to relate and react to what the author has to say. We must not pigeon hole this genre of literature as some sappy fit of rambles about one’s life so everyone can feel pity for the author because memoirs can be written in various forms and elicit very different reactions.

A few of my favorite memoirs that are available at the Adrian G. Marcuse Library, right here at LIM College, are listed below.

Running With Scissors: A Memoir by Augusten Burroughs; 813.6 BUR

This book has been made in a widely successful film and dives into the quirky and far from reality life that Augusten Burroughs grew up in.  Taking the reader on a ride of their life, they discover a dysfunctional family, how a child finds a place to call home in something that seems far from it, and so much more. As a journey all its own, you’ll have to read more to find out what happens at the renowned Dr. Finch’s house.

Wendy Merrill has a unique sense of humor when retelling the many lives she once lived, and believe me there were a lot. She brings the reader through her emotional breaking points and shows us how a young girl with troubling self-esteem found herself.  It’s a book you can cry over, laugh about, and relate to on many levels.

Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel; 741.5 BEC

Fun Home is a memoir written as a comic book, allowing the reader to see a different medium of how a story can be portrayed.  Comics generally being thought of as the super hero type, this memoir shows you everything but that as Bechdel takes you on her journey to self-discovery and acceptance while grieving the loss of her distant father. 

Posted on November 11, 2013 I Blog post by Ali Petherbridge (student worker of the LIM College Library)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Not Just Elle Woods…Fashion Law Today

Fashion law, the study of the fashion business’ legal challenges and opportunities, has emerged as an important field in the global fashion industry.  Long before Elle Woods applied to law school in Legally Blonde, LIM College has been engaging the field of fashion law.  

At LIM we offer two courses, Business Law, as well as Fashion Law, both taught by industry professionals, designed to give students a comprehensive introduction to the legal and regulatory issues facing the ever-changing fashion industry.  In our library we have copies of the recently published title Fashion Law: A Guide for Designers, Fashion Executives, and Attorneys, published by Fairchild Books, with contributions from professors at Fordham University’s School of Law, which houses a pioneer program in fashion law (, which has accepted recent LIM College graduates.  

346.73 KOL

Several prominent recent cases in fashion law, such as the lawsuit filed by designer Christian Louboutin against YSL concerning the possible intellectual property infringement arising from red-soled shoes, and the legal challenges brought by luxury brands to protect trademarks across international borders, illuminate the complex concerns facing the fashion industry. 

In an era of rapidly evolving production and communication technology, how do we balance protecting design innovation with the kind of appropriation and re-mixing so deeply rooted in fashion’s history and culture?  Is a concept for a dress a protected form of intellectual property?  Should fast-fashion retailers have a legal right to copy designs from higher-end retailers?  These and many more challenging questions are addressed in Fashion Law: A Guide for Designers, Fashion Executives, and Attorneys.

Posted on November 04, 2013 I Blog post by David Benjamin, M.A., M.S.L.I.S. (LIM College Archivist)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Lena Dunham on the Cover of Vogue. Will it Change Anything?

Anna Wintour is reportedly courting Lena Dunham for a Vogue cover. Much of the reporting focuses on Dunham’s not-skinny body, Wintour’s decision to use Dunham to attract a younger and hipper audience, and Vogue’s few past forays into atypical (for a fashion magazine) body types. Both Adele and Jennifer Hudson’s Vogue covers were controversial in the employment of Photoshop and camera tricks.

Dunham’s frequent nudity on her HBO series, Girls, has been variously described as real, radical, narcissistic and uncomfortable (for viewers). She certainly does not have a body that conforms to media standards of beauty. Does this mean that Wintour’s desire to have Dunham on the cover will be used as an opportunity for fashion to celebrate diverse body types?  Not necessarily.  Dunham has been down this road before and the results were not groundbreaking blows for body acceptance. The photo below is Dunham’s Marie Claire UK cover of August 2013.

Let’s be real.  This is Vogue, not Bust or another feminist or alternative magazine. I expect that given the notoriety of her work on Girls, photo retouching will likely be kept to a minimum. And Dunham will look glamorous.   

Posted on October 28, 2013 I Blog post by Lou Acierno, M.L.I.S. (Director of Library Services) 

Monday, October 21, 2013

An Inspired Thought

Looking through any magazine on a newsstand one might think, “What inspired them to create this spread?”, films are one place within fashion that have influenced fashion spreads and are used in fashion spreads time and time again. Luckily, within the Adrian G. Marcuse Library, students can watch first hand where many shoots gain their inspiration from. Here are 4 films and 1 TV show that have inspired fashion shoots and even runway shows!

Bonnie & Clyde; DVD BON

Grey Gardens; DVD GRE

Downton Abbey; DVD DOW

Posted on October 21, 2013 I Blog post by Kayci Granigan (student worker of the LIM College Library)

Monday, October 14, 2013


Librarians, archivists, trend consultants, professors, and fashionistas gathered on October 3 through October 5 for LIM’s Fashion: Now & Then event. The three-day conference featured 50 presenters and more than 200 attendees. Kristine Hanna, program director at Archive-It, kicked off the third day of the conference with a dynamic presentation on Web archiving.

Archive-It, a service of the Internet Archive, was deployed in 2006 and has a mission to “harvest and preserve” digital collections. As of today, the organization has collected 6,754,228,298 URLs for 2,278 public collections. With more than 275 partners globally, Archive-It works with organizations to collect, catalog, and manage content. Partners include college and university libraries; state archives, libraries, and historical societies; federal institutions and non-governmental organizations; museums and art libraries; and public libraries. Hanna explained that corporations are also recognizing the value of preserving content. For example, the Archive-It service can benefit a business that wants to capture its own corporate heritage—and this type of archiving is certainly on the rise.

So, “Why is this important?” Hanna asked an attentive crowd. She continued by carefully outlining how it is essential to preserve what she calls “at risk” events. For instance, news websites or broadcasts that report on key occurrences are significant to keep. Web archiving allows us to document an entire timeline and later go back and watch how an event unfolded. We must also consider information that is “born digital,” which means this information may only exist in a digital format. If this is not recorded, then we put ourselves at risk of losing important pieces of our history. Moreover, gathering information from the Web can support and enhance existing collections and research. Today, information is changing at a rapid pace, and it can sometimes be difficult to determine what is considered “worthy” of saving. While space limitations and the ever-changing Web are also factors, the Web archiving process is vital to ensure the survival of content for future generations.

Archive-It and the Internet Archive—the world’s largest public Web archive that houses text, audio, moving images, e-books, software, and digital content—are continuing to grow and are necessary resources for the information industry. For more information, please visit and

Hanna’s lecture on Web preservation was in memory of Ron Knoth, who was a professor at LIM and also the keynote speaker for the Fashion: Now & Then event in 2012. Professor Knoth was known for his popular blogs, poetry, and writings on 20th century fashion, menswear, visual merchandising, and fashion history. He was also an early adopter of preserving blogs.

Sources: Based on presentation by Kristine Hanna,, and

Posted on October 14, 2013 I Blog post by Elizabeth Marotta (Evening Librarian) 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Citations Made Easy with Zotero

Writing research papers can be tough when collecting information from various types of resources. This is when Zotero comes into play to make your life a bit easier. Zotero is easy and free to use once you create an account. You can download the application right to your computer desktop and save both articles and resource information with a click of your mouse.

Not only can you collect your resources and resource information for citations on Zotero; but you can also use it as an organizer for your various projects, sync and collaborate with your fellow group members when working in a collaborative research paper/project.

Collect – Grab your website or article with a single click located in the search bar.

Organize – Organize your resources within folders and use tags to organize the items with keywords.

Cite – The citation tool will allow you to create footnotes, endnotes, in-text citations and a bibliography. This way you can spend all your time focusing on your research and writing your paper.

Sync – Are you away from your home/work computer, but you still need to access your Zotero account? The sync function will allow you to access your information anywhere.  Just log-on to and you can gain access to your personal library.

Collaborate – Working on a group project, but you’re not sure how to keep everyone on the same page with what you’ve collected regarding your share of the research? This is when Zotero can help you out. You can create group folders and save everything for your project in one general location for everyone to see. You could be in New York and they could be in New Jersey and Zotero makes it so that it’s like you’re sitting in the same room working on the project.

So make your life easier and create a Zotero account today!

Posted on October 7, 2013 I Blog post by Nicole LaMoreaux, M.L.S. (Daytime Librarian) 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fashion: Now & Then Meaning, Media, and Mode Mentioned in Vogue Italia

With Fashion: Now & Then Meaning, Media and Mode just around the corner we're happy to share our mention in the September 2013 issue of Vogue Italia.

Fashion: Now & Then: Meaning, Media, and Mode
LIM College, New York, NY
Thursday, October 3, 2013 to Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Adrian G. Marcuse Library at LIM College invites participation in the third annual Fashion: Now & Then, a three day conference in which participants will discuss the past, present, and future uses of fashion information.  Participants will be drawn from the fashion industry, libraries, archives, academic institutions, publishers, collectors, and museums to represent a full range of expertise.

The theme for this Fashion: Now & Then conference is Meaning, Media, and Mode and will include presentations about fashion and information. Proposal topics can include one or more of these subjects in relation to fashion or style: archives, blogs, books, business, collectors, collection development, designer archives, digital archives, digital collections, digitization projects, rare books, fashion analytics, fashion forecasting, fashion history, fashion studies, film, magazines, libraries, librarians, patrons, mapping & data visualization, merchandising, marketing, material culture, museums, new media, oral history, photography, preservation, print & non-print media, retail, social media, special collections, street style, textiles, trend reporting, demographics & psychographics, and ephemera.   

Posted on October 2, 2013 I Blog post by Nicole LaMoreaux, M.L.S. (Daytime Librarian) 

Monday, September 23, 2013

5 Designers You Need to Know. (or are at least super interesting to read about)

5. Alaïa

Personally I have always found Azzedine Alaïa to be one of the most underrated designers of my generation. It could very well be due to the fact that the “King of Kling’s” peak was in the 1980’s. However, his well-crafted construction of body hugging garments remains to influence more prominent designers today. Not mention his contribution to the classic line in the Movie Clueless (1995), in which Cher exclaims “This is Alaïa!” when being robbed at a gas station.

You can read more about him in:  “Alaïa” By Francois Baudot

Call number: DES Ala

4. Vionnet 

Designer Madeleine Vionnet brought a lot of important advances to women’s wear in the 1920’s. She is most well known for her bias cut clothing and intricate draping.  These ground breaking changes in silhouette has laid some serious ground work for current women’s wear. However aside from her impressive contributions to costume history and dress, she also was a strong advocate for treating her employees well.

You can learn more in: “Madeleine Vionnet” by Betty Kirke

Call number: DES Vio

3. Kenzo

Today, we know Kenzo as a brand that serves an excellent mix of pattern, color, and shape. Kenzo has brought this refreshing aesthetic to the Western culture ever since the 1970’s. I find the development of Kenzo Takada as a designer interesting because he showed the introduction to Japanese design in western markets. This movement is still very influential to men’s and women’s wear currently.

See more of Kenzo’s aestheic in: KENZO

Call number: DES KEN

2. Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent, as a brand, is doing the very controversial shift “Saint Laurent.”
I, however, feel it is important to visually see the original Yves Saint Laurent ability to create fashion forward pieces within each decade of his life. Aside from his breath taking couture, we can also lend credit to crucial trends in fashion to him as well. This includes his very iconic gypsy silhouette made popular in the 1970’s.

You can read and see more about his designs in: “Yves Saint Laurent: Images of design” & “Yves Saint Laurent” By Yves Saint Laurent

Call numbers: DES St. L; DES St. L

1. Christopher Kane

The Scottish Fashion designer, Christopher Kane, is becoming increasingly used within the editorial world. Kane utilizes intricate detail and color to lure people to his innovative designs. Recently, his Spring 2014 London Ready-to-wear show was even featured on the front page of WWD.  Christopher Kane could very well be our next major Fashion House.

Learn more about him in: British Fashion Designers By Hywel Davis

Call number: 746.92 Dav (Pg. 54-61)

Posted on September 23, 2013 I Blog post by Jeanette Fabre (student worker of the LIM College Library)