Monday, March 18, 2013

New York City Graffiti

I remember the exact breathtaking moment when I first knew that I wanted to move to New York City. I was a freshman in high school, only aware of life in my small town in Connecticut, when I first visited my older sister at NYU. I was at first nervous and cautious of traveling on my own through the winding subway tracks and numbered streets, but I couldn’t deny the excitement bubbling inside me. Immediately I fell in love with everything “unseen”; the dirt and grime in the puddles at my feet, the cigarette smoke clouding my eyes, the indecipherable scribbles of writing on brick walls. And when I met my sister’s friends and was whisked into the dark alleys and the world of East Village youth my mind and heart were opened to the complex and beautiful street art and graffiti scene.

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Now that I’m almost in my senior year of college, my love for graffiti and street art has grown even more. And what amazes me is how much information and material has been made available to artists and graff fans. From books such as Art In The Streets, The Obvious Illusion: Murals From the Lower East Side and Graffiti Kings, to movies and documentaries like Exit Through the Gift Shop and Style Wars, the fascinating lives of street artists and their works can be discovered and studied in more ways than ever before. Check out these selections and many more on street art and graffiti at the LIM College Library, and explore your own personal appreciation for this classic New York art style!

Posted on March 18, 2013 I Blog post by Anne St. Hilaire (student worker of the LIM College Library)