Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In Case You Missed It!

A review of must see articles within the periodicals of the LIM College Library


What it’s about? :

The sixteenth edition of the British periodical, Lula, delivers an article about something every girl (and some guys) dream about; Tiaras. The article also unfolds the discoveries as to why we are attracted to this sparkling head gear. There is also some history presented on the pop cultural effects tiaras have had on our society as well.

Why should I care? :

Do you not want to find you inner princess? Plus this article is accompanied by a cohesive editorial of tiaras ranging from Bulgari to Dior Joaillerie.

This is pretty cool! Where can I find it? :

Lula Issue # 16 pg. 68-77


What’s this about? :

In the article appropriately titled “Golden Boy,” Dazed and Confused magazine introduces us to the man behind some of the largest, chart topping, beats; Hit Boy. The article takes you through the typical “day in the life” with the California native as well as discussing how he broke into the business.

Why should I care? :

Hit Boy has one impressive resume. The people he has worked with range from A$ap Rocky to the recently released Beyonce track, Bow Down. The Givenchy wearing artist also has no plans of slowing down by also pursuing his own music in the future.

I’m interested! Where is it located? :

Dazed and Confused. Vol III/19.Pg 128-13


What’s this about? :

The article “Consider the Gentrifier” discusses the possible gentrification currently happening in Brooklyn.

Why should I care?:

As stated, a place where Biggie Smalls first started dealing drugs is now a Flea Market. This highlights on the obvious cultural shift Brooklyn has made in less than twenty years. This article also presents the valid point that gentrification is nothing to fear and, that it may actually be ok to live among the “hipsters.”

Where can I find this?:

UTNE Reader Mar-April No. 176 Pg 60-62

Posted on April 1, 2013 I Blog post by Jeanette Fabre (student worker of the LIM College Library)