Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Books You May Not Think We (Adrian G. Marcuse Library) Have!

After discovering the library at Maxwell Hall, I decided immediately that I wanted to be part of this great little world. I know many of you just come by once in a while to ask if we have a textbook for class (to study for finals or to finish up project), some I must mention come by to check out our amazing periodicals collection (keep coming!), and some don’t really know about the library. There is something you all may not know… The Adrian G. Marcuse Library has a lot more to offer than fashion and academic books (If you are still not sure check out our growing fiction section).

Below I have picked a few of my favorite books which I discovered at the library– I must admit I have a couple of these at home, but soon they will be back, so come and grab them! 

1. American Nerd is a funny, delightful, fast read. From the origin of the work “NURD” to SNL iconic nerd characters, the author captures all meanings and fashions of this “culture.”

2. EVERYONE must at least take a peak at this book. This compilation of interviews made a book is beautifully designed. In it, the author Matt Zoller catches all the magic Anderson’s world has. The interviews expose a simple and honest Anderson and tell a long about the ‘behind the scenes’ including all inspirations not only to films but characters. The book is organized chronologically guiding the readers through it in the order Anderson released his films. Oh yeah…it also includes many of Eric Anderson’s illustrations too!

3. Get started and read a brief summary and get to know the “zine” power and the phenomenon their comeback caused in the 90’s – then gather papers, scissors and friends and start making one.

4. JUST MY TYPE – a brief overview of all the most well-known and popular typefaces around. This book is an easy read – each chapter is divided by typeface, the most amazing part: It has a 10 top ranking of the worst typefaces around. Read this is you are into Future, Helvetica and all the Gills.

5. I keep this book on my night table (there is a copy available at the library, I eventually just had to buy my own.) This book is great for quick references, has a million facts and an empowering message (although at parts you may find it frustrating). This book captures a take/ a specific point of view (or a few) on Riot GRRRL, and focuses in the music scene related to it. 

6. If you like Vonnegut and you have not read this book, I highly recommend it! It will take you about two days or so to finish it and will make for a great read on the train, bus or in your bed while having peppermint tea with almond milk.

With the said, please come by and explore all of our shelves! You never know what you may find. I can assure you we have tons of hidden GEMS. 

Posted on December 17, 2013 I Blog post by Ana Seguin (student worker of  the LIM College Library)