Monday, December 9, 2013

Overlooked Oversized Books

Spending much of my time in the library has helped me come across many hidden gems... I’ve gotten lost in the aisles looking at what seems like infinite number of books, ranging from memoirs by Andre Leon Talley to Indonesian Textiles. But in a somewhat hidden section, and a not so hidden section right behind the main desk, lies a large collection of oversized books.  

 The oversized books are a dream come true. Imagine every “over priced coffee table book” you have ever wanted all in one place, that’s what you will find hidden in the right corner of the library. This section helped pass time when I wasn’t busy getting work done and had hours in between classes.  You can find books about designers like Prada and Dries Van Noten filled with beautiful pictures of every item they have ever created. I promise this is much better than simply going to and looking through their pictures.

The only time I ever see oversized books get touched is when students have a project and the librarians pick them out for them, but a lot of times these books get looked through then put away. Maybe some think they are solely for reference, or maybe some don’t know they exist, but it is probably because they are so big! The idea of lugging an extremely large and heavy book around all day just seems unfavorable and it’s easier to just copy the pages, but you’ll be surprised by your reaction to such an incredible selection of books. 

Posted on December 09, 2013 I Blog post by Kiara Cooper (student worker of the LIM College Library)