Monday, September 23, 2013

5 Designers You Need to Know. (or are at least super interesting to read about)

5. Alaïa

Personally I have always found Azzedine Alaïa to be one of the most underrated designers of my generation. It could very well be due to the fact that the “King of Kling’s” peak was in the 1980’s. However, his well-crafted construction of body hugging garments remains to influence more prominent designers today. Not mention his contribution to the classic line in the Movie Clueless (1995), in which Cher exclaims “This is Alaïa!” when being robbed at a gas station.

You can read more about him in:  “Alaïa” By Francois Baudot

Call number: DES Ala

4. Vionnet 

Designer Madeleine Vionnet brought a lot of important advances to women’s wear in the 1920’s. She is most well known for her bias cut clothing and intricate draping.  These ground breaking changes in silhouette has laid some serious ground work for current women’s wear. However aside from her impressive contributions to costume history and dress, she also was a strong advocate for treating her employees well.

You can learn more in: “Madeleine Vionnet” by Betty Kirke

Call number: DES Vio

3. Kenzo

Today, we know Kenzo as a brand that serves an excellent mix of pattern, color, and shape. Kenzo has brought this refreshing aesthetic to the Western culture ever since the 1970’s. I find the development of Kenzo Takada as a designer interesting because he showed the introduction to Japanese design in western markets. This movement is still very influential to men’s and women’s wear currently.

See more of Kenzo’s aestheic in: KENZO

Call number: DES KEN

2. Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent, as a brand, is doing the very controversial shift “Saint Laurent.”
I, however, feel it is important to visually see the original Yves Saint Laurent ability to create fashion forward pieces within each decade of his life. Aside from his breath taking couture, we can also lend credit to crucial trends in fashion to him as well. This includes his very iconic gypsy silhouette made popular in the 1970’s.

You can read and see more about his designs in: “Yves Saint Laurent: Images of design” & “Yves Saint Laurent” By Yves Saint Laurent

Call numbers: DES St. L; DES St. L

1. Christopher Kane

The Scottish Fashion designer, Christopher Kane, is becoming increasingly used within the editorial world. Kane utilizes intricate detail and color to lure people to his innovative designs. Recently, his Spring 2014 London Ready-to-wear show was even featured on the front page of WWD.  Christopher Kane could very well be our next major Fashion House.

Learn more about him in: British Fashion Designers By Hywel Davis

Call number: 746.92 Dav (Pg. 54-61)

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