Monday, November 25, 2013

Fast Company: A Publication Focused on Our Changing Business World

Fast Company
A publication focused on our changing business world

The Adrian G. Marcuse Library has about 185 different periodical subscriptions ranging from the likes of Vogue Korea to National Geographic. One of the most unique and innovative publications we subscribe to is Fast Company, the magazine dedicated to providing readers with content based on how businesses are changing our world. 

Most business publications reflect the same serious attitude that the business world is known to demonstrate. Although Fast Company’s content is just as credible as any other business periodical, its creative layout and features on the most groundbreaking business practices and companies is what sets the magazine apart. In the most recent issue, companies such as Facebook, Kickstarter, Spotify and Twitter were all mentioned. Why? Because all of these companies have disrupted the business world with their advanced business models and that’s what Fast Company is all about. 

Can’t get enough of Fast Company? The periodical has a top-notch online presence which has categories Co.Design, Co.Exist, Co.Create, and Co.Labs, each featuring the daily news of topics ranging from architecture to fashion to technology. The magazine knows that advanced business concepts are surfacing on a daily basis and using the online platform is just the way to provide readers with the most recent innovations.

Fast Company has continuously featured the fashion industry in its magazine and online platform due to the fashion business’ great strides in reinventing the industry. Just ask our good friend Jenna Lyons. In a world that will be forever changing, Fast Company is a magazine dedicated to providing consumers with direct content on not only how ingenious ideas are affecting the business world, but how these ideas are creating a global revolution as well. Watch out world, there are some pretty sweet businesses coming for ya.  

Posted on November 25, 2013 I Blog post by Caitlin Lyttle (student worker for the LIM College Library)