Monday, February 24, 2014

5 Books That Will Convince You That London Is the Most Influential Fashion Capitol of Our Time (Because London Always Was A Lot Cooler Than New York)

The English publication Dazed & Confused, based in London, is often wildly praised for their content within the fashion world. Since their beginning in 1992, the magazine continually pushes fashion magazine standards through their non-conventional editorials. This book specifically displays their raw and edgy aesthetic that has continually made the magazine and the city of London, a positive influence on the industry.

 Dazed & Confused: Making It Up as We Go Along
052 HAC

Alexander McQueen has continued to influence the Fashion Industry even after his tragic death in 2010. The designer is best known for bringing his directional and artistic view point to his work throughout Givenchy in the late 90’s and later to his own house label. Based out of London, Alexander McQueen’s work within this book will surely display London’s ability to create an amazing artist. 

 Alexander McQueen: The Life and The Legacy
746.92092 WAT

This book is an example of the importance of British fashion not only currently, but in the past as well. Written based off the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit, the reader is taken through grounding breaking silhouettes created by England’s most elite.

746.9 BOL

If you are not already convinced by other three books mentioned, this book will surely make the point. Not only does it highlight classic designers like Hussein Chalayan, but also new, innovative designers as well. One look at the incredible designs by Christopher Kane, and you will make you ready to pack your bags and move to London.

 British Fashion Designers
746.92 DAV

Lastly, this book exemplifies how important English youth culture was within the late 70’s and 80’s. The images of this book shows candid shots of youth dressed in now iconic styles such as Punk, New wave, New Romantic, and Goth. I can guarantee you will find yourself wanting to sport black lipstick and a safety pin in your ear after viewing this book. 

 78-87 London Youth

391.0083 RID

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