Wednesday, February 19, 2014

LIM College students discover LibGuides! -Paradigm shifts!

Without little promotion (mostly in-class demonstrations) LIM College students have discovered the group of research guides (LibGuides) added to the library web page in spring 2014! In the month since their debut, students have voted by clicking their mouses (mice?) over 2,800 times or nearly 100 times a day. Clearly, students are finding the LibGuides to be of great help to completing their course assignments. This fact is important to how the library teaches researches.  We need to explain how to research in a way that can be quickly grasped and applied by students. 

 LIM College Adrian G. Marcuse Library Research Guides

The guides were created by the librarians, through a combination of knowledge of the library books, journals and databases and their relationship to the curriculum, student research questions, and discussions with faculty. These guides list books, e-books, databases, journals and DVDS. Of particular importance, they explain research techniques that apply to specific course work.  For example, many students struggle finding appropriate research material on demographics and psychographics (understandable, since the concepts and search terms used are specific to these fields of study).  Searching for data in these areas is far from intuitive.  This would explain why over 560 students viewed the LibGuide on this topic. 

INVITE TO STUDENTS – The library knows that the LibGuides are successful.  But we want to continue to improve them.  Your help is invaluable. We have provided a survey on the LibGuide page.  It only takes a minute (a real minute, not the minute that phone surveys ask for and then your dinner gets cold) How much do you like the LibGuides?  You love them? You don’t like them? How can they be improved?  Let us know.

Posted on February 19, 2014 I Blog post by Lou Acierno, M.L.I.S. (Director of Library Services)