Wednesday, March 5, 2014

LIM College's Adrian G. Marcuse Library is celebrating the KAKEHASHI Project!

As part of the KAKEHASHI Project, LIM College will be hosting graduate students and faculty from Japan’s Bunka Fashion Graduate University beginning on March 24. LIM College students and faculty will also have the opportunity to visit Japan for a ten-day study tour in June. This educational exchange program will enable Bunka and LIM students to learn more about one another’s culture and expand their views about the global fashion business.

In honor of this outstanding cross-cultural program, the Adrian G. Marcuse Library is featuring books that capture the fashion, design, and culture in Japan and America. Some of our favorite titles include Japan Style, Japanese Fashion Designers, The Colors of Japan, Japanese Patterns, The Cutting Edge, Japanamerica, Vanity Rules, The American Look, and American Fashion.

Come visit the library to explore the beauty and culture of fashion around the globe! 

For more information about the KAKEHASHI Project, visit

Posted on March 5, 2014 I Blog post by Elizabeth Marotta (Evening Librarian)