Monday, April 7, 2014

New York Through Different Eyes

Many of us that go to LIM College live in New York or at least spend most of our time here. But with all the hustle and bustle do you ever stop and think how you're in the greatest city in the world and you do not explore it enough? That has happened to me plenty of times before, I get so caught up in the fast paced lifestyle that I don’t stop and smell the roses and see the big picture. Here are 5 books at The Adrian G. Marcuse Library that can take you on a world wind through New York and show you places you definitely have never been before or old favorites you are can not wait to go back to.

This book is based on photographer Brandon Stanton’s work from 2010 to present. He captures just as the titles suggests, Humans of New York along with commentary from his interactions with them.
974.7 STA

2. New York Calling: From Blackout to Bloomberg
This compelling book captures life in New York during 70s with meandering views of pop culture, history, and music during the time with accompanying photographs and commentary from people who lived in New York during this time.
974.7104 BER

Within this book are 120 wonderful vintage views from the collection of the Museum of the City of New York. Remarkable for clarity, definition and detail, the prints comprise a richly evocative portrait of turn-of-the-century life — street scenes, parks, restaurants, commercial interiors, Easter Parade, Blizzard of '99, Coney Island, a dinner for Mark Twain, etc. 
974.71 BYR

Both an official NYC guide and a celebration of the city, Complete "how-to" information shows where to eat and shop, as well as how to get there. More than 20 neighborhoods are covered in full detail, including Chinatown, Little Italy, Little Odessa, Little Senegal, Little India, Little Poland, and Koreatown, among others. A comprehensive travel guide to the worlds within New York City, this book includes photographs, maps, and a historical background of the ethnic neighborhoods within the five boroughs.

917.471 FER

Patty Farmer was living the dream she always wanted to, to live in the famed Plaza Hotel. While living there she found out about the famed Persian room that now was just a memory for the people that frequented there from 1935-1974. Farmer soon went on a quest to gather the oral history about this famed room and what stories people had to tell about it.

647.9597 FAR

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