Monday, February 23, 2015

Black History Month for Movie Lovers

Celebrating Black History Month? Are you a movie lover? Well, this month I suggest to watch as much movies as you possibly can about Black culture. Black History Month began on the 1st of February and will end on February 28th. If you are debating on what to watch I have a couple movies picked out. For the humor seekers I selected Chris Rock's Good Hair. This documentary was made in 2009 and explores the “wonders of African American hairstyles.” 

For the people that love music and dancing I have selected The Best of Soul Train. This DVD allows you to step back into the 35 year history of good soul music. 

For the artistically inclined or art lovers, I have selected Jean-Michel Basquiat the Radiant Child. This documentary shines light and reveals the wonderful life of one of the most talented Haitian painters of the Pop-art era. 

Last but certainly not least, brilliant director Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing. This movie encompasses comedy, crime and drama. This is my all-time favorite because it makes you think about racial injustices while being entertaining.

If you want to see more DVD’s please check out our Black History Month display in the Adrian G. Marcuse Library for more! Get educated about Black culture and enjoy a good movie at the same time!

Posted on February 23, 2015 I Blog post by Sheala Ortiz (student worker of the LIM College Library)