Monday, August 10, 2015

Couture Wedding Gowns

Recently, while shelving new books, I came across a brand new reference book entitled, Couture Wedding Gowns by Marie Bariller. This publication immediately caught my eye. What girl doesn’t like to fantasize about her dream wedding? While some may ponder tulle vs. lace more than others, almost every girl must admit that they love looking at wedding gowns.

As I flipped through the book, I was thoroughly impressed by its variety of styles and the designers it featured. Couture Wedding Gowns includes designers from Alexander McQueen to Coco Chanel to Vivienne Westwood. While most of the designs are extremely eccentric, they are still fun to look at. I found myself getting lost in the glossy pages of this publication. The book, also, features biographies on the designers featured.
After enjoying Couture Wedding Gowns so much, I decided to search the library catalog to see what other books we have on wedding gowns. I found that we have a plethora of options. Publications include, The Wedding Dress by Maria McBride-Mellinger, An Event to Remember: Designing Spectacular Occasions by Sibal Jerry and Vera Wang on Weddings by the queen of wedding dresses herself, Vera Wang.

If you are ever looking for something to do in between classes and love immersing yourself in all things wedding, stop by the library and check out some of our publications.

Posted on August 10, 2015 I Blog post by Rachel Gass (student worker of the LIM College Library)