Monday, November 30, 2015

Laugh Through the Semester’s End

As it gets closer to finals, you might feel like you need to blow off some end-of-the-semester steam.  Laugh and de-stress with these funny ladies, all found in the shelves of the Adrian G. Marcuse Library:
Mindy Kaling
790.2 KAL

Mindy is funnier than your funniest friend.  If everyone is hanging out without her, everyone is no fun.

Sarah Silverman
792.7 SIL

If you’ve ever had an embarrassing secret that you tried really hard to hide (which you have, everyone has), you’ll love this book.

Tina Fey
790.2 FEY

Funny and inspirational, Tina Fey mixes hilarious stories about her life with practical advice about how to use your power for good.  Read it, and then go boss people around with love and humor.

Posted on November 30, 2015 I Blog post by Rebecca Clark, M.L.I.S. (Evening Librarian)