Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Typography & Design @ The Adrian G. Marcuse Library

This small selection of materials on typography and graphic design may open your eyes to the nuances of the designed world. 

An entertaining read, Simon Garfield takes you on a tour of fonts.  Divulging what makes a font good, what makes it bad, why we have so many and what makes a font look and feel a certain way.  Includes stories and brief histories of iconic fonts, the people who designed them and what purpose they served at the time.   “The Worst Fonts in the World” is an amusing chapter explaining why certain fonts are reviled and how they got to that point. 

Used on storefronts, street signs, packaging, government forms, and advertisements, this documentary will highlight the history and the continuing impact of the font Helvetica.

Showcasing seventy years of Penguin book cover designs.  This book vividly and richly illustrates how Penguin established a distinctive identity while observing and influencing graphic design.

Other titles

by Wilson Harvey/Loewy
686.22 WIL

By James Craig
686.22 CRA

By Ellen Lupton
686.22 LUP

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