Monday, April 11, 2016

CSR in Context: Fashion & Globalization

Corporate Social Responsibility has been shaping way that a new generation looks at business. Companies are held accountable for their socially responsible business practices and are expected to work in favor of positive ethics. As consumers, we are attracted to companies that promote their CSR initiatives and are willing to reward them with our consumer loyalty. LIM College is continuously exposing us to how the fashion industry implements CSR and how they work in favor of communities. This could be through a simple donation with a product purchase or the economic growth associated with outsourcing. Global outsourcing is one of the most common actions seen in the fashion and the overall retail industry. By contracting or owning factories in China, Mexico, or Taiwan, retailers can produce their product at extremely lower costs than if that same product were made in the U.S. All too often we run into articles or news stories exposing the real truth behind garment factories and their poor labor and safety conditions. This seems to be more relevant in fast fashion, but is clearly an issue all around. 

The Adrian G. Marcuse Library’s 658 section has some great reads which will help you to understand how you can take part in CSR. The World Guide to CSR, located at 658.408 VIS, discusses the global implications of socially responsible business practices and creates profiles for each country listed. Check out this and other texts about sustainability and manufacturing to learn more.

The CSR Club at LIM College will be hosting its Earth Day Fair on Friday, April 22nd. They will be covering the global effects of CSR through keynote speaker presentations and afternoon activities. Stay tuned for more info! 

Update: The CSR Club will be holding an Earth Day Fair on Friday, April 22nd from 1-4pm in Maxwell Hall's Student Center. 

Posted on April 11, 2016 I Blog post by Thomas Goonan (student worker of the LIM College Library)