Monday, November 14, 2016

Climate Change

I recently watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s National Geographic documentary, Before the Flood, going over climate change and the wide range of influences it has on societal development. Not only does this affect our environment and weather patterns, but one example would be how when rising sea levels cause displacement of communities now underwater, a lessening of resources for growing populations is now a product of the fact. DiCaprio interviews various scientists, researchers, innovators, and people global warming has already affected using stunning visuals from glaciers collapsing to the sea levels in Eastern Asia rising. Business Insider says that instead of trying to change the minds of those who are skeptical about climate change; however, Leonardo DiCaprio “wants to offer children and young people access to science, and give them the tools to fight to protect the planet.”[1]

With that in mind, Adrian G. Marcuse Library has numerous books and research databases to further teach and assist those interested in this global issue and inspiring sustainability.
Smith writes about international policy and how to go about both vulnerability and poverty reduction influenced by global warming. He focuses on both social and economic aspects as well.
The war is mainly between those who accept climate change as an actual thing versus those who don’t believe it is real. As this debate is occurring, the effects of global warming are becoming more and more prominent.

"We're driving in a car with bad brakes in a fog and heading for a cliff. We know for sure that cliff is out there. We just don't know exactly where it is. Prudence would suggest that we should start putting on the brakes." -Barack Obama
Goodall teaches ways for sustainability to applied to everyday life from driving to what retail products you purchase. It goes over how our consumer lives can have real positive effect in slowing down the process of climate change.

Overall, this isn’t an issue that won’t go away. It neither will affect few. It will affect all of us. So, it is up to us, the individuals, corporations, and even government, to work together—united—and take action and inspire change. Let’s continue to learn and expand our knowledge, let’s continue to absolve our differences and work together!

[1] Letzter, R. (2016, November 07). You have until Election Day to watch the stunning climate ... Retrieved November 08, 2016, from

Posted on November 14, 2016 I Blog post by Madison Ross (student worker of the LIM College Library)