Thursday, February 11, 2016

Exploring LIM College DVD Collection: Fashion on the Screen

LIM College’s Adrian G. Marcuse Library collects and circulate DVDs, both curriculum-related and otherwise.  Given the ubiquity and seeming advantageous convenience of streaming video, you may wonder why this is. The reasons for this collection decision are many –

Variety.  The library relies on DVDS to cover a wide range of content and subjects. Educational documentaries, which are rarely available from streaming services, explore in-depth complex issues of the clothing industry.  This deep-level analysis, whether the exploration of economics of the apparel industry in The True Cost, or the interviews with garment industry insiders in Schmatta, act as important research materials for the curriculum.  Documentaries on individual designers or runway shows offers a close analysis of work and technique.  

Viewing options. DVDs can be borrowed from the library for one-week, viewed in the library on a laptop with or without headphones, or viewed by a group in the library training room.  This last option facilitates group work by allowing for group discussion. 

Period dress in review.  As an element of the overall design of a film, accurate period dress allows viewers to understand clothing within its era and adds much to character and storytelling. As a fan of Downton Abbey (available in the library), there are many scenes designed to showcase the clothes.  Reading about the growing emancipation of women in the 1920’s is far less compelling and illustrating that just seeing a character switch from Victorian to flapper.

Fun. Pretty Little Liars. Glee. Girls. What DVDs do you recommend the library purchase?

Posted on February 11, 2016 I Blog post by Lou Acierno, M.L.I.S. (Director of Library Services)