Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mad about Mod!

Period: Late 1950s to mid-1960s.
“Term applied to a group of youngsters in the UK whose appearance and tastes in clothing and music differentiated them from rockers, the latter closer in style to Teddy boys. These early sub-cultural movements were a sign of the growing independence and buying power of teenagers. Mods admired both beatnik and American college fashions.” (Cumming, 2010).
 “The bestselling, definitive account of the 1960s Mod movement. With over 150 dazzling photographs the book reveals the reality of the movement in dances, clothes, style and scooters. The book contains ephemera gathered from the earliest days of Mod, from the seaside to Carnaby Street, as well as a glorious celebration of a lifestyle, gratifyingly accurate and visually meticulous.”

“Drawing on archival research, oral history interviews, and participant observation, this examination of the adoption and adaptation of Mod style across geographic space also maps its various interpretations over time, from the early 1960s to the present. The book traces the Mod youth culture from its genesis in the dimly lit clubs of London's Soho, where it began as a way for young people to reconfigure modernity after the chaos of World War II, to its contemporary, country-specific expressions.”

"The original Mod generation tell it exactly how it was, in their very own words. Firsthand accounts from the times from the people who were actually on the scene."

"With the use of personal testimonies of both the famous and the unknown, this book seeks to establish the link between the two key elements of Modernism today--American rhythm and blues and British working-class fashion."

Search for more information about mods in The Berg Fashion Library.  Use The Harper's Bazaar Archive and The Vogue Archive and limit your search years to mid fifties to the mid sixties!


Cumming, V., Cunnington, C., & Cunnington, P. (2010). Mod. In The Dictionary of Fashion History (p. 133). Oxford: Berg Publishers. 

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