Alexandra Potts

Ms. Potts began her career in retail in 1930 when she joined Lord & Taylor.  In 1937, she began working for Bride’s Magazine as the Director of Merchandising, Research and Promotion. During the course of her career, she became known as an expert in the bridal field.

From 1951 to 1953, Alexandra worked at Modern Bride magazine as the Director of Merchandise and Promotion and in 1952 she began working at Baby Talk magazine as the Director of Merchandising and Promotion.

In 1947 Alexandra Potts became Director of Research and Public Relations for Joseph Horne Co., a department store in Pittsburgh, PA.

In later years, she owned her own business, Alexandra Potts Research and Promotion.

Alexandra Potts was on the advisory board for the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising (now LIM College) beginning in 1944 and frequented the school as a guest lecturer.

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